Terez Mertes Rose

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I’m a former ballet dancer who loves to reflect upon my experiences (and, for fiction, make up a lot of stuff!). I divide my writing time between fiction and nonfiction, publishing the latter as Terez Rose, and blogging as The Classical Girl.

Welcome To the World of my Mind

Writing as Terez Mertes Rose, I’m the author of a ballet-centric series, the Ballet Theatre Chronicles, which includes Off Balance (May 2015), Outside the Limelight (Oct 2016), Ballet Orphans (Jan 2021) and Other Stages (Jan 2024). I drew inspiration for my third novel, A Dancer’s Guide to Africa, from my Peace Corps days in Gabon, Central Africa.

The latest novel...

They thought the professional ballet world was tough. Then they tried parenting.

Other Stages, Book 4 of the Ballet Theatre Chronicles, has arrived!   You can buy it HERE.

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